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Rebekah Krevens

Hello! I fell in love with painting as a child and eventually majored in studio arts in college. However, after graduating I headed to seminary for a M.Div and was ordained into Christian Ministry. I’ve served churches in Texas, Kentucky and Arizona. Currently, I’m a Senior Minister at a lovely progressive congregation that has a heart for justice in North Phoenix. For over 12 years I stopped painting. I was entrenched in a season of diapers, late night feedings, and learning a new rhythm of motherhood and work life balance. Even during this hiatus, art continued to be an important part of my life - my husband is a ceramic artist (we met in college when we’re both art majors). 

A couple of years ago my parents asked me for some paintings for Christmas presents and my call to create was reawakened. With my children now in elementary school, I finally found some time to carve out for regular painting. Now I strive to end each evening with and an hour or two painting session. Usually I gravitate to gouache and acrylics. I hope to eventually set up a studio space with better ventilation that will allow me to paint with oils again.


When I'm not painting, or waiting for my kids in the carpool lane, or working at the church, I enjoy searching for good finds at the local thrift store and growing my house plant collection. 


Thank you for all your support, I really appreciate it!

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